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On this page, you’ll discover how a failing freelance copywriting consultant (me) transformed his business to become an in-demand, well-respected copywriter in his niche with a 3-month waitlist, frequent referral clients, and an ever-increasing project fee… and how he did it all within 18 months.  

This process is deceptively simple (like all the most effective things in life). You’ll kick yourself for not realising this earlier because it seems so logical. I’ve used this now with dozens of clients to secure numerous retainers of 4-figures or more as shown in my accounting software screenshots below.

In this letter, I’m going to outline the single biggest differentiator in my business that, when implemented, helped me increase my rates by 133%, and my overall revenue multiple times within 18 months – that’s even if you decide not to purchase this invaluable training. 

Give me 10 minutes of your time and I’ll teach you the foolproof method that can add extra dollars to your bank.

By the end of this page you’ll have the know-how and the understanding of what it takes to get even the most hard-nosed, penny-pinching businesses chomping at the bit to hire you. 

And hire you at whatever rate it is you choose to set.

Here’s the best bit though. I’m offering the underlying strategy to achieve this to you absolutely free.  

But before I do, I need to make one thing crystal clear about my intentions with this.  

My sole goal here is to help you make more money doing whatever it is you’re already doing. 

In order to do that, I need you to believe that what I’m telling you here works.  

Which is no small order. 

You’re a hardworking, self-made service provider and entrepreneur who’s likely heard it all before. 

Let’s be honest. You’re likely sceptical and a little jaded with all the “fake” and “BS” advice out there.  

So let me cut through all of the useless fluff and get straight to the real question. 

Can I, Pete, help you make more money in your business? 

If you’re not sure, then think of it this way. 

Most advice for freelancers, consultants, and small businesses is written by other freelancers and consultants.  

They write from a 30,000-foot perspective, often quoting information they’ve found elsewhere rather than writing from their own experience. Sure, they cover all the bases, but they don’t address what it is you actually need to do to grow your biz.  

They can’t do that because they’re wasting their time writing BS content rather than closing deals. 

To grow your business you need to take advice from someone who’s an experienced sales operative. Someone who knows what it takes to turn a client’s hard no – or their need to negotiate on price – into an enthusiastic yes regardless of your quote.  

Most advice out there is nothing but rehashed information from books and articles publicly available online. 

These wantrepreneur writers get just enough information to pass themselves off as an expert and throw up any old rubbish. 

But me, well, I’m different.  

Before becoming a copywriter and business owner I spent years selling products face-to-face. 

It started with selling myself. 

As a fresh 18-year-old who moved to Hong Kong with nothing but part-time supermarket and bar work experience, I managed to get a full-time position as a corporate language consultant. I’d travel from business to business offering consulting on their English language proficiencies.

However, what I really wanted was to get into the film business. So, I engineered meetings with film people and used the exact same principles I’m sharing on this page to get sit-down interviews with 2 of Asia’s biggest film production companies. 

My ability to sell myself here led to dinners at movie exec’s houses and working for a long period with TVB Pearl (Hong Kong’s largest TV station) on their English to Chinese language subtitles. 

Later, as a fresh graduate, I worked with Europe’s largest property guardianship company to sell some of the worst properties you’ve ever seen. 

Here’s the crazy thing, the same negotiation and sales principles I used to get ahead in Hong Kong worked here as well. 

We weren’t just selling space in these run-down, ramshackle, often former squats of buildings. We were selling it to some of the poorest people in London.  

And yet, despite selling a crappy product to some of the most financially hard-up people in the capital, I quickly became the company’s top salesman in the country, and later their entire international organization.  

Selling space in properties that even squatters were happy to leave will teach you one thing. 

It’ll teach you how to sell. 

I’ve condensed the key lessons in negotiation my years as a salesman and business owner have taught me into Make Them Want You.

A complete explanation of the process I’ve used for decades to continually sell products and services to people who can benefit from them.

These lessons work in any and all niches, verticals, and business types because they’re not based on a product’s features or specific benefits.

The lessons I teach in Make Them Want You are focused on human psychology and buyer behavior – which means they work across the board to help you sell more of your perfect product or service.

And in this letter, I’m outlining the primary consideration and action that will ensure your sales success.

Read on to see exactly what that is.

Almost all of the advice I read online about how to better sell your service and negotiate higher fees is useless.  

It’s written by “wantrepreneurs” who’ve read a few books and understand the theory behind what makes a sale. 

Sure, they may have read some books from some of the greats like Jordan Belfort or Russel Brunson.  

But information does not a great salesman make.  

There’s a huge difference between theoretical and applied knowledge.

I mean, if you were being taught how to hit a home run every single time, would you prefer to take lessons from a scientist who could explain the finer points of aerodynamics and kinetic force?

Or would you prefer a one hour lesson from a great like Derek Jeter?

No competition, right? The experience Jeter has would make that one hour transformative in your baseball career.

Well, I might not be as famous as Derek Jeter, but I’m attempting to do the same thing here.

Everything in this letter and in Make Them Want You is based on years of “in-the-field” experiments and negotiations.

I’m going to be teaching you the simple method I learned to close high-ticket deals (even with crappy products). 

The method that’s made sales even when the potential client has called me a con-man, hates what I’m selling, or has even shouted in my face.  

Business growth comes from your ability to sell.

You only need to be marginally better than your client at your service to charge for it. But you need to be able to sell it effectively to make real money. 

And I’m going to be sharing with you the methods I’ve discovered that will help you effectively sell that service at high-ticket prices. 

Cause otherwise, this is all just words on a page, right? 

What you want to know is if I can back up my claims of “selling ice to eskimos”, right? 

Well, here’s a few screenshots of some very typical client engagements for me. These are screenshots directly from my own accounting software.  

One thing to note here is that I’m really not the best at what I do. Not by a long shot. 

I am, however, much better at selling than the people I’m competing against. 

Notice not just the client engagement amounts, but also the dates. You’ll see that my average client engagement runs far longer than a single project. 

And then there’s this client.

Here’s the thing though. 

First off, this level of client is a normal engagement for me now. But don’t take that to mean there’s no potential for you to grow things from here.

I use the same tactics I did to land these kind of engagements to land the next level of clients.

You see, I not only sell my services at higher fees than my competition, I’ll also often add in extra agreements such as equity in the company.  

Here’s an example of one such agreement. 

Ever seen a small independent consultant do the above? 

And there’s one very simple, but important, reason for this. 

These screenshots highlight what’s possible when someone has honest to God sales experience. 

Someone who has had extensive experience of staring their prospect in the eye and overcoming the resistance and questions they have right there on the spot.

Quite unlike the “rehash writers” who simply take existing content and give it a facelift without understanding why it works.    

Here’s the thing though.

I’ve gained this level of sales ability through my own understanding and experience, right? 

You may not be in a position where you can gain that experience yourself.  

In fact, a lot of us aren’t. But fear not, because I know for a fact that…

… this method can be taught.

A lot of my students have already implemented this method to massively upscale their business to the point where they can make high 5 or even 6-figures per year.  

Here’s what a few people say about the trainings. 

And there are plenty of people who have happened on my free trainings that have had similar experiences.  

I’ve spent years honing these materials to help small business people just like you grow more streamlined and profitable businesses.  

Out of everything I’ve created, this is the one skill every business owner needs more than any other to make some real money.

If you can sell, you can thrive.

I want to see if I can help you. Not as some mentor or coaching agreement. But as a friend helping out a peer.  

I want to share with you the exact process that I use to close 87% of the client calls I have at a rate that allows me to live the life I want.

The process that continues to work whether you’re working with small Mom and Pop stores or selling your service to Fortune 500 brands (I’ve sold my services to both successfully using this method). 

Even if you decide not to purchase the full training, this secret I’m about to share will help you massively increase the calibre of clients and quality of pay you receive. 

And to make it work for you, all you need is…

The secret process is the heart and backbone of every high-ticket deal I’ve closed in the last few years. A secret so powerful that the majority of big-name negotiators refuse to acknowledge or admit they use this for fear of being dethroned by a scrappy young upstart.

This is the only secret you need to know to grow a successful business.  

The secret to my ability to close massive deals, get offered drinks and dinner in exec’s houses (even as a nobody kid), and rocket myself up the “best salesman” list within former employer’s companies is actually pretty simple.  

In fact, it’s something I was taught by my uncle as a kid. Something he learned when getting his Aikido teaching certificate in Japan. 

You see, my family has always had a strong interest in combat sports. 

We have boxers, MMA fighters, Aikido, Jujitsu, Kung Fu, and Kickboxing practitioners within our family.  

Here’s me, at age 18, on a trip from Hong Kong up to Fatsan/Foshan and the home of Hung Kuen (try not to make fun of the hair).

My family has built our lives around the principles martial arts have taught us. Discipline, hard work, and grit.  

My Uncle, as a lifetime Aikido practitioner and teacher, once taught me that to reduce stress and complete actions without mental and physical strain you should approach each and every action with a relaxed body and mind. 

When you’re relaxed, you’re more able to adapt to what’s coming your way and deal with unexpected changes without sabotaging yourself. 

He also told me that, should I ever get into a fight with a larger opponent, I should use their size, strength, and momentum against them.  

I’ll never forget him showing me how this worked on my father – who’s a much bigger guy than my uncle.  

He had my dad throw a punch which he expertly sidestepped. However, rather than blocking the punch and fighting against the bigger man’s strength, he moved completely out of its way. 

By placing one hand against the inside of my father’s shoulder and using the other to pull on his now near-side belt, he not only avoided all danger but used my father’s momentum to spin him out of the way and onto his ass.   

My uncle remained standing, my father was sat on the floor. 

My father was at his complete mercy. 

My uncle used my father’s aggression and momentum against him. Effectively making him defeat himself. Rather than block and stop that momentum, he encouraged it, leading to my father’s dejected, defeated new state. 

This is the simple refocus you need in your business to land higher-priced clients with little to no effort.  

In short, stop trying to fight against the objections your clients throw at you when negotiating. Acknowledge them and refocus the conversation on that path to build momentum and make it easy for you to “knock them down” with a sale.

It took me years to realise that this momentum method applied to far more than combat. 

That this method of staying relaxed and using the “opponent’s” momentum against them and controlling it yourself can be applied to anything in your life. This is genuinely one of the greatest life skills you can learn. 

The fact that it also helps you land higher project fees is simply an added bonus. 

I want to introduce you to Miyamoto Musashi. 

Musashi was the greatest Japanese swordsman who ever lived. And his entire – surprisingly long for a swordsman – life was built around a few key principles which are summed up in specific quotes below.  

In short, control the battle. Be the opposite of the opponent. Understand where their interests lie and the actions they’ll take.  

Do that, and you will dominate every single confrontation, or in our case, negotiation.  

These same principles were embedded into the martial arts these Samurai practiced, which were then formalised within Aiki-JuJutsu, which later became Aikido and Jujitsu. 

But what’s the connection between history’s greatest swordsman, my uncle, and you landing clients? 

It’s in those lessons.  

Here’s how you can adapt these lessons of controlling the enemy and understanding their standpoint to have them throwing money at you. 

First, you need to control the client. 

I’m not talking physically or through underhanded manipulation. 

But more in terms of approaching each and every client not as a “service provider” but as a valued partner.  

You are their equal. Not their subordinate. If you enter the negotiation with the view that you are simply looking for their money and will do whatever they want to achieve that goal, you will fail.  

You’ve been brought in as an expert. At the very least you should approach the negotiation as an equal and take charge of the negotiation as soon as possible.  

By controlling the negotiation, you control the flow of the conversation and can lead them to the stage where they want to hire you. 

Lose control and you’ll end up where they want you to be – a low fee for a sub-par service.  

Next is all about understanding the client’s position.

By asking leading questions you can get the client to outline everything they’re suffering with in their business. The right questions can give you unprecedented insight into the key issues the client is struggling with and the emotional pain it’s causing them, such as…

Here, it’s all about taking the Samurai lesson of understanding your enemy.  

You can’t start to think like the client and understand the pain they have if you don’t ask these questions. 

You need to ask the right questions in the right order to get the client to open up to you.

But do that, and they’ll be giving you the ammunition you need to make your service appear as the most logical, desirable solution for them. 

Finally, you need to remain calm throughout.  

Yes, there is a lot of money riding on the negotiation. Money that could change your fortunes both this month and moving forward. 

However, you cannot, and must not, focus on that. 

You must stay calm and focus on the act of understanding the client, their pains, and what they really want to achieve.  

If you lose yourself in the process of understanding, when it comes time to strike with your offer you’re guaranteed to get that killing blow of a high-ticket client engagement. 

When you know what it is the client struggles with and desires, you know their “rhythm”. And you can find the gap in that rhythm to deliver your blow. 

You simply reiterate their problems back to them, highlight what they’ve tried that hasn’t worked, and explain how your service is different, will remove their pain, and get them to the transformation they need. 

Here’s the mindblowing element of all fo this though. The thing that makes it so successful and an almost guaranteed home run. 

By asking questions and letting the client talk, you’re effectively getting their momentum up. 

You’re letting them get themselves into an emotional state by actively reliving and remembering the emotional pain their lack of growth is causing them. 

And as we all know, that emotional pain is the place people purchase from.  

When their momentum is highest, you turn it back against them.  You use everything they’ve thrown at you and redirect it directly back at them for that knockout blow.  

Clients will be amazed that you have such a deep understanding of their business and the issues they face. 

They’ll view you both as an expert and a friend who understand their predicament.  

Much like the Samurai arts that later became Aikido and Jujitsu, you’ve let the client effectively defeat themselves in this negotiation. 

Their emotional momentum has made selling them your service or product a no brainer decision. 

And because they’re so impressed with your understanding and insight, they’ll throw money at you. 

You’re no longer a potential risky purchase, but a wise investment.  

I remember learning this process and how it instantly changed my business. 

Thing is, it was also so simple to implement, it literally changed my fortunes overnight.

Ever since I stumbled on this method I’ve used it with every single client. To the point I can now close deals of 5 and 6-figures on autopilot.

I’ve also been asked to teach this process to my client’s sales teams for 5-figure sums.

The almost 6 years of using this simple method has helped me secure a consistent 6-figure freelance income where I’ve also helped clients generate millions of dollars in sales. 

And that’s across industries and niches including…

This process works regardless of the niche, industry, or client size. 

Because this isn’t about gaming the system and appealing to a certain business model. It appeals on a human level. And business decisions are always made by a person.  

Ancient Samurai knew that battles are won by first understanding how to defeat a single person. As Musashi said;

“If he attains the virtue of the long sword, one man can beat ten men. Just as one man can beat ten, so a hundred men can beat a thousand, and a thousand men can beat ten thousand. In my strategy, one man is the same as ten thousand, so this strategy is the complete warrior’s craft.”

This method of negotiation is your long sword. It’s how you’re going to defeat one client negotiation, then ten, then one thousand.  

I mean, think about this for a second. 

These are fundamentals that have dictated the way people approach combat for centuries. And negotiation is simply a modern form of combat. 

I’ve not revealed anything groundbreaking here. I’ve simply managed to adapt this tried-and-tested approach to the modern world. 

In the training on this page and within the program you get access to should you purchase, you get the full process I’ve used successfully in hundreds of client negotiations, and my students have used for thousands of successful 4-figure negotiations. 

Most service providers don’t understand this simple shift and try to simply sell the service they offer. By learning this unique, ancient system you’ll immediately be head and shoulders above the competition and will quickly out-earn and out-perform them.  

I’ve personally landed hundreds of thousands of dollars in client engagements from this script. 

And if you purchase access to the Make Them Want You program, you’ll get access to a number of “hidden” benefits.

I could go on and on and on about the benefits that are included in Make Them Want You.  

I know that this process works because I’ve used it to land increasingly better clients. My wife’s used it to land 6-figure jobs. And my students have used it to increase rates by up to 327% in a single leap. 

If you’d like to join the countless other students who I’ve helped over the last 10 years of small business growth advice…

… all you have to do it fill out the simple form below and you’ll get instant access to the full training materials included in Make Them Want You which will help you…

As a busy copywriting consultant and freelance business coach I stay pretty busy. 

In my opinion, this is the only skill you need to grow a massively successful business. But I’m biased, right? 

So take the word of some of my students before you make that decision (these testimonials are 100% real. I’ve also included screenshots from my private training community to show you how we get real-time wins all the time).

100% money-back guarantee

I’m only interested in results. If, within the first 60 days after your purchase, you’re not 100% happy with the product you can request a full refund. 

The only thing I might ask is how I could improve this to hit your high demands. 

That’s cause most other people don’t care about helping you make more money. They only want the money for themselves.  

I want to make this as risk-free as possible for you. 

If you purchase this program you’re either going to get a huge increase in the number of sales you make and thus cover the purchase fee 100X over, or you’re gonna learn something new and get a refund. 

You can either remain a wantrepreneur who can’t close big-time deals, or you can step up to the plate and start playing with the big-time players.  

However, there is a catch.  

Like I said, I’m only interested in results. 

This program is the perfect fit for some business owners, but not all. In fact, if you can say yes to any of the below I would actively discourage you from buying because I don’t think you’ll get anything out of this. 

You shouldn’t buy this program if… 

Businesses run on sales. 

If you’re not selling, you’re not a professional. This is a professional program to help professional business people make professional-level sales.  

And that’s gonna require selling. 

So if you’re somehow against sales and making money, click away now. 

You can’t sell if you don’t have a product or service people want.  

To get the most out of this program you need to have something of value your target market wants and will pay for.

If you don’t have that, the best sales training in the world ain’t gonna help you. 

Look, big deals aren’t made through email. They’re made person-to-person.  

And the easiest, best way for you to do that is to jump on the phone with your prospects. 

If you’re terrified of the phone and not willing to overcome or face that fear, this will not help you at all. 

You have to be able and willing to jump on the phone with clients, if you’re not, then I’d recommend you quit the business growth game altogether.  

If you said no to all of the above, then I would love to welcome you into the Make Them Want You program.

This program has helped countless other freelancers, consultants, and small business providers to grow their business. 

And I want to add your name to my growing list of successful students.  

If you want to improve your business and become a master of sales in the next few days, sign up through the form below now and let’s see just how far we can take your business. 

When you join one of my programs, you’re family to me. 

I will do everything I can to help you succeed.  If you put in the time, I’ll put in the effort to help. 

P.S – You’ve nothing to lose. With the 100% money-back guarantee you’ve nothing to lose. You’ll likely do great things with this program, but if you don’t then you simply request a refund and at worst, you learn something new for free.  

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Questions asked, no hassle, no problems!

You can trust us!

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Make Them Want You is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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