Packaging of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products, H. Lockhart


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Format: Gebundene Ausgabe
Verlag: Springer US Gewicht: 562g
Autor: H. Lockhart Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 228 Breite: 16cm
Einband: Buch Höhe: 1cm
Produktart: Buch Anzahl der Seiten: 228
Marke: Springer US Länge: 24cm
ISBN: 9780751401677 EAN: 9780751401677

Packaging of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products, H. Lockhart

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As was the case with Charles Ross’s Packaging of Pharmaceuticals published by the UK Institute of Packaging in 1975 it is assumed that the reader of this book already has a broad understanding of the basics of packaging. If not the Packaging Users Handbook and the Handbook of Food Packaging are recommended. The packaging needs of pharmaceuticals are different in degree only from those of other perishable products such as processed foods. Because the required action of a medication can be nullified by any deterioration in its active principles the protection required from its packaging is at least an order of magnitude greater than that needed by foods for example. Functional efficiency is therefore of prime importance. Conversely the need for the packaging to ‘sell’ the medication is much less, hence the graphics required need only provide the right ‘image’ for the product when presented for use in hospital or surgery. Even when on sale at the pharmacy the ‘appeal’ required is that of providing hygiene and confidence more than anything else. Thus, the textual requirements are paramount including traceability (batch numbers, date-coding etc) in case of recall; while striking appearance to attract customer attention is in lower key. And with the increase in malicious tampering nowadays recall is more frequent.

ISBN-10 0751401676
ISBN-13 9780751401677
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Produkt Hauptmerkmale
Format Gebundene Ausgabe
Sprache Englisch
Anzahl der Seiten 228

Gewicht 562g
Breite 16cm
Höhe 1cm
Länge 24cm

Zusätzliche Produkteigenschaften
Hörbuch No
Erscheinungsjahr 1995
Inhaltsbeschreibung Hc Runder Rücken Kaschiert
Verlag Springer Us
Mitautor Frank A. Paine
Autor H. Lockhart

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Packaging of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products, H. Lockhart


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